UAV data / video is unlimited to the real-time transmission cloud solution

Unlimited distance real-time remote control ⽆⼈; real-time data / ⾼清 video image transmission; ultra-low latency data transmission; team management more collaboration, achieve customization needs

CUAV CLOUD working principle

The link of the CUAV CLOUD is covered by 4G , through the LTE Link Series Product Communication on the Transmission Client / Cuav GS App, the LTE Link Series Product Communication is implemented. Realize multiple consecutive remote handling , unlimited distance real-time transmission of data / video images and other functions.

Work location

Command center

Application scenario

Thanks to the low delay of the CUAV CLOUD drone data and video, the user can control the drone in the command center to global monitoring, inspecting each scene. CUAV CLOUD is ideal for inspection tasks applied to grid, construction, park, port, etc., staff can control drones in real time according to actual conditions.

Real-time remote control

Through the ground station, CUAV GS App Real-time remote control of the machine, can be used, and the operation of the rule is set. Data / video backhaul when low-time delay.

Unlimited to real-time transmission

Cuav Cloud can communicate with drone communication with 4G for data and video image transmission. The data and clear video images can be transferred in real time through the client.

Team cooperation

Team members (administrators, manipulators) can log in with their own accounts to view teams, transferred data, etc., different authorities can allocate different permissions. Administrators can manage multiple devices and permission to members

Multiple drones

Multiple drones simultaneously, driving remote control and data / video image return

Data encryption

CUAV CLOUD 2.0 communicates and stores data communication and storage through the clouds, uses a session double-key transmission data to achieve security communication

Custom service

The server can be deployed in a private internet environment according to the user requirements, and the drone is recorded, and the compliance operation and data confidentiality needs can be realized.

Video case of the CUAV CLOUD

Play Video

Park Patrol Application

Play Video

River inspection application

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Automata library collaborative case

Supported flight control

Package pricing of the CUAV CLOUD

公有云 私有云
普通版 入门版 专享版 定制版
Air Link 2个 5个 定制
LTE Link SE 2个 5个 定制
实时飞行数据 支持 支持 支持 支持
实时视频 支持 支持 支持 支持
设备管理 支持 支持 支持 支持
远程控制 支持 支持 支持 支持
后台管理 不支持 支持 支持 支持
可创建团队数量 1 2 5 定制
团队成员数量 2 4 8 定制
团队绑定设备数量 5 4 8 定制
可加入团队数量 1 2 5 定制
APP名称、LOGO、启动界面定制 不支持 不支持 不支持 支持
定价 免费 27999
*PS:The package has included a year maintenance fee, follow-up maintenance costs 3,000 yuan per year, if it does not require maintenance, no maintenance fee;
The package of the CUAV CLOUD does not include servers, traffic, domain names, email fees, users need to purchase themselves;
The above scheme is deployed by remote clouds, providing online technical service guidance, such as on-site guidance and presentation need to charge.

Recommended server configuration

版本 CPU核心数 内存大小 最低带宽(Mb/s) 参考配置
国内 入门版 2 4 12 阿里云 : ecs.c6e.large(约2213元/年)
专享版 2 4 28 阿里云 : ecs.c6e.large(约2213元/年)
尊享版 2 4 56 阿里云 : ecs.c6e.xlarge(约4222元/年)

Private customization program delivery process

Software download

非攻透传(for Windows)

CUAV GS(for Android)