Electricity inspection

Use UAV to automate inspections, refine check complex lines, reduce artificial detection risks, improve detection efficiency and accuracy.

The traditional power inspection is mainly implemented by the inspector regularly to perform manual inspection of the grid parts, because of the influence of the risk of climatic conditions, topographic factors, high-altitude operations, artificial inspection The manual recognition error rate is high, and the efficiency is low.

UAV homework can improve the speed and efficiency of the inspection, so that many work can be completed in a charged environment. The drone homework is a safe and efficient way of inspection. Advantages of drone inspection: 

1. UAV is a mobile aircraft, making it easier to reach complex dangerous environments, eliminate blind spots; 

2. The drone can quickly reach anywhere through the HD camera, improve the speed of maintenance and maintenance; 

3. Avoid security issues that may occur in traditional inspections.

Our solution

Install our LTE Link Series module product on your aircraft and log in to our Lei Xunyun client, you can remotely control your aircraft, flying data is transferred to the ground station, or third-party ground station, and Team management and permission are available.

Flight Platform Integration LTE Link Series Products

Login CUAV CLOUD client for drone remote control, real-time image transmission

1. Publish a takeoff directive on the ground station (CUAV GS or non-attack transmission backward third party ground) 2. Drone take off and fly according to the drawing route 3. Untirectimal Time Recycling HD Video / Data to Command Center 4. The Command Center performs a power inspection according to the return image, which can release new instructions on the drone according to the specific situation. 5. Power inspection completed

Our advantage

Unlimited distance

CUAV CLOUD performs data / video transmission through 4G networks, no limit to data / video transmission, can communicate with UAV communication in the case of operator network coverage

Real-time delivery data and video images

Route planning, flight tasks, etc., by Cuav GS App Real-time remotely, can be used to operate flight tasks. Low time delay time data / video return

Multiple drones

Support multiple drones simultaneously, remote control and data / video image return

Team management

Team members (administrators, flying) can log in with their own account to view team flight conditions, transfer flight data, etc., administrators can manage multiple devices and can assign members to members.

Video case of CUAV CLOUD

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Park Patrol Application

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River inspection application

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