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CUAV LTE data&video telemetry – Drone network connector
Our LTE digital telemetry can access 2G/3G/4G or even the 5G network, access our CUAVcloud platform, and realize drone networking. At the same time, it has the traditional data and video transmission function, and has the following three advantages over the traditional digital transmission:
– Traditional telemetry —
The transmission distance is mainly affected by the transmitting power, but the transmitting power is subject to national policy, which makes the transmission distance of the traditional telemetry very limited.
The nominal transmission distance of the telemetry is measured under the ideal direct vision environment, but it is easily interfered by the electromagnetic in the environment during actual use, which causes the signal to drop sharply. If there are multiple drones flying at the same time, the telemetry between the drones also interferes with each other.
It is necessary to install a module in the aircraft and your mobile phone/computer. It can be used after pairing. It is a bit complicated to use.
– CUAV LTE telemetry –
With the wide coverage of the operator’s 4G network and good signal, the control distance of your drone can be greatly improved, and the area covered by the signal can be used safely.
The network frequency band used by operators is the commercial frequency band. The electromagnetic environment in the frequency band is more ideal than the electromagnetic environment for civilian use, and the penetration capability is stronger.
Just install a module on the aircraft and make sure your phone/computer is connected to the network that is ready to use.
Three CUAV LTE telemetry to choose from
In July 2017, CUAV launched the first LTE telemetry. So far, the series has launched three products to provide you with more choices.

Air Link 4G data telemetry

Ultra-high cost performance data telemetry

LTE-LINK SE 4G data&video telemetry

Cost-effective data&video telemetry

LTE-LINK 4G data&video telemetry

Full-featured data&video telemetry

Multiple app support

We have developed a number of applications for the CUAV LTE telemetry to provide you with different application requirements and perfect your experience.

FeiGong station for Windows

CUAV ground station developed for Windows users

CUAV GS for Android

CUAV Android ground station developed for mobile convenience work

FeiGong Transmission for Windows

The telemetry data of the CUAV LTE module can be forwarded to the QGrounControl/Mission Planner ground station, or even a ground station developed by a third party, giving you the freedom to choose your favorite ground station.

CUAVCloud Management Platform

The UAV management platform developed by CUAV can provide background viewing live broadcast, flight data and other functions, so that one or more drones can be monitored by multiple people at the same time.
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