CUAVCloud system 2.0

Function overview

Team management

Authority assignment

Video sharing

Mobile network communication, unlimited transmission distance

Real-time HD video transmission

Route planning

Support APM, PX4 flight controller

Support APM, QGC ground station

What is CUAVCloud?

CUAVCloud is a solution for drone communication + team collaboration. By installing the LTE Link series communication module on the drone and logging in to our client with a mobile phone or computer, the CUAVCloud system can realize the functions of flight data, real-time high-definition video transmission, team management, permission assignment, and real-time video sharing.

LTE Link hardware series


Working diagram

How CUAVCloud accomplishes the task


Drone operation videos and data can be watched by multiple people at the same time, and different members are given control rights to achieve team collaboration. After the members quit, the management rights of the device are returned to the administrator, making management more convenient

Data encryption
No need to worry about data security

CUAVCloud performs data communication and storage through the cloud to ensure more secure communication.

Customized privatization server

By purchasing the privatized CUAVCloud system, CUAVCloud can be deployed in the user’s private server to ensure data security, and you will also get a background management platform.

Support platform

FeiGong transmission(for windows)

A windows client of CUAVCloud, which provides data stream forwarding function, allowing users to access the CUAVCloud system with QGC, Missionplanner and other ground stations that support the mavlink protocol.

CUAV GS(for android)

CUAV developed an exclusive Android mobile phone ground station based on the CUAVCloud system.

CUAVCloud support hardware

Air Link LTE Link SE LTE Link 2(Coming soon)
Real-time data support support support
Real-time video unsupport support support
Communication serial port 1 1 3
Protocol mavLink mavLink mavLink+customize Protocal
Network channel 1 1 2
Point-to-point and LTE hybrid communication Unsupport Unsupport Support
Video channels 0 1 2
Video interfaces None HDMI HDMI+MIPI/USB+network canmera

Version comparison

Basic version Private version
Real-time flight data support support
Real-time video support support
Equipment management support support
Remote control support support
Background management unsupport support
Team number 1 Customize
Team members 2 Customize
Team devices 5 Customize
Join the team 1 Customize
Server provider and maintainer CUAV User
Price Free Get quotes