Announcement of regional restrictions of CUAV products in Ukraine and Russia

Dear customers, partners, resellers:

Peace is the mainstream of today’s world. Unfortunately, there is a war between Ukraine and Russia, and many drones are used for war purposes. War will bring heavy suffering to the people and seriously trample on people’s dignity and life; CUAV believes that drones are for the good of humanity, not for adding to world unrest. CUAV in a neutral attitude, from the humanitarian; To the majority of customers, partners and dealers put forward the following requirements:
  1. All CUAV products are made for the benefit of mankind, shall not be used for war purposes, shall not be used to threaten human life and dignity.
  2. All CUAV products shall not be sold to Ukraine, Russia and other countries where wars are taking place. Do not integrate CUAV products into UAVs, directly or indirectly sell to Russia, Ukraine and other war zones and require your customers to comply with the same restrictions on use; Until the end of the war.

If any customer, partner or resellers violates the above requirements, we will terminate all cooperative relations with the unit. Thank our customers, partners and resellers for their understanding and support.

CUAV Tech Inc.,Ltd

October 19, 2022