Pixhawk V6X Autopilot

H7 Double-precision floating-point processor
High-performance ARM M3 coprocessor
Low noise Car-grade IMUs
Triple redundant IMUs and dual redundant barometer designs
Car-grade RM3100 magnetic compass
New built-in shock absorption design

Implement Open Source Standard
Enrich Open Source Ecosystem

H7 Double Precision Floating-Point Arithmetic Unit Processor

Using STM32H753IIK6 processor, double precision floating point arithmetic unit (DSP&FPU), the main frequency up to 480MHz; 2M FLASH,1MB RAM; For flight controller to bring powerful computing power, rapid data processing ability, for more functional development and flight stability to provide more possibilities

M3 Coprocessor to Enhance the Expansion Capacity

The high performance ARM® Cortex®-M3 coprocessor adds more security and external scalability capabilities to UAVs

Multiple Redundancy Design Ensures Flight Safety

With three redundant IMUs and two redundant barometers on separate buses, when one set of IMUs fails, the system seamlessly switches to another reliable IMU, making the flight safer

Integrated 100M Ethernet Interface

High-speed communication with task
computers through Ethernet; In the future,
high-end links, INS and high-end mapping
cameras can be connected through
Ethernet to meet the needs of high-end
unmanned system

A New Generation of Patented Built-in Shock Absorber Design

The Pixhawk V6X uses a new generation of patented built-in shock absorption design to effectively filter out high-frequency vibration and ensure the accuracy of sensor data at all times

Temperature Compensation System

The built-in high-precision sensor temperature compensation system makes the sensor work at a constant temperature, ensuring that the sensor can operate stably with high precision and sensitivity in high and low temperature environments.

Adapt to More Complex Magnetic Environment

In order to adapt to the complex magnetic field environment, the RM3100 magnetic compass is selected, which supports the GPS direction finding function, and completely solves the trouble of magnetic compass interference

Pixhawk Standard Modular Design

It adopts modular design, and the core module contains the processor and all IMUs. Users can design their own baseboard according to the design reference, so as to meet the personalized customization needs
V6X modular design

Multiple redundancy design

Multiple Redundant Power Supply Design

The V6X not only has two SMBUS dedicated power interfaces, but also supports the common Dronecan/UAVCAN power input. More choices, more security
Powe1&Power2 for SMBUS(I2C)power in, Power C1&Power C2 for Dronecan/UAVCAN power in

Double GPS Design

Dual GPS redundant backup&fusion, security, anti-interference ability is stronger, higher precision

Compatibility with PX4/ArduPilot All Models

Pixhawk V6X support all models for PX4&ArduPilot firmware,3-8 Copter/Plane/Helicopter/VTOL/unmanned vehicle/Rover, etc.

Pixhawk V6X Specification

Main Specification
Hardware Standard Pixhawk FMUv6x Standard
DS-010 Pixhawk AutoPilot Bus Standard
DS-012 Pixhawk AutoPilot V6X Standard
Processor STM32H753IIK6
32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M7 480MHz MCUs, 2MB Flash,1MB RAM
Coprocessor STM32F10X
Accelerometer&Gyroscope ICM42688-P
Compass RM3100
Barometer 2×ICP-20100
PWM I/O 16
Power 4 2 for UAVCAN,2 for SMBUS (I2C)
GPS 2 1 GPS port with I2C and safety switch (GPS1) 1 interface with I2C and GPS (GPS2)
PPM RC 1, Dedicated R/C input for PPM
SBUS/DSM/RSSI 1 Dedicated R/C input for Spektrum / DSM and S.Bus with analog / PWM RSSI input
SBUS outs 1
FMU Debug 1
IO Debug 1
Ethernet 1
SPI EXTERNAL1 1 (SPI6 interface,for expanding external sensors)
ADIO 1 AD3.3/ADC6.6
USB 2 1 for Type C 1 for GH interface USB
TF Slot 1
Physical characteristics
Operating voltage 4.75~5.45V
Servo input voltage 0~9.9V
Operating temperature -20~85
Size 45×90×29.2mm
Weight 99g Core:43g Baseboard:56g