College sponsorship introduction

CUAV Tech Inc.,Ltd started to hold sponsorship activities in colleges and universities in 2020. Measure is a sponsorship activity set up to promote colleges and universities to carry out researches or competitions related to unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned vehicles, unmanned ships and so on, aiming at college students in need, we hope that through this activity, we can export more outstanding talents to the future open-source unmanned aerial vehicle industry and promote the development of the industry. 



College students conduct application research or competition for unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned vehicles,Rover.

Form of sponsorship

V5+&NEO V2 one set

CUAV bag one set

For 20% off

Only for CUAV brand products that you need except V5+&NEO V2(Need to apply in the form)

Application process


Click the img to Download file and fill in the application form


After filling in, send the application form to the email address:;


The editor will publish the review results on the 20th of each month.
(Publish the review results of the application form submitted before the 10th day of the current month, which will be postponed in case of rest days)

Please fill in the contact information that can contact you in time. 
If you still can’t get in touch with you after 15 days, it will be regarded as abandoning this activity.

Application skills

In order to improve the passing rate of your application and facilitate the assessment of auditors, please in the application form and the attached materials, clearly express the following points:

01 be able to describe the purpose of the product in detail; 

02 fully and clearly express the competition plan and your preparation plan; 

03 clarify the purpose and significance of your project research and have clear application scenarios;

04 be able to provide photos or videos of previous practical experience of unmanned aerial vehicles; 

05 those who have won awards in the past

Notice of avtivities

01 The items that apply for sponsorship and other products that apply for 20% discount in the activity need to be clearly used in the competitions and projects described by the applicant, and take photos as evidence. 
02 Please be sure to provide true and valid application materials. If there is any false information, our company will recover the sponsored items and reserve the right to pursue legal responsibility.
03  For applicants who pass the examination and approval, we need to cooperate with us to record photos and video materials during the project or competition, and complete the final article/video release. 
04 CUAV reserves the final right to interpret this activity.

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