Payload Pioneer

Raefly VT290

5kg Max Payload

The new generation Raefly VT290 composite VTOL UAV, with a fluid design, has significantly reduced flight drag. Split design, support tool-free quick disassembly. Equipped with passive cooling air channel, the maximum support 5kg load, equipped with quick disassembly load tank, fast replacement task mount, improve the comprehensive application experience of aerial surveying and mapping, wide-area inspection, material delivery and other application fields; Free and efficient customization service, highly adapted to different tasks and requirements.

Integrates a powerful CUAV self-developed UAV solution, supports off-site takeoff and landing, moving platform takeoff and landing, GPS rejection, formation flight and other functions. ArduPilot’s complete open source system supports secondary development

Push Back Design

5 Hour Ultra-Long Endurance

5kg Big Payload

Quick-Release Fuselage

Self-Developed Autopilot

Composite Fuselage

AutoCenter Motor

Quick-Release Load Cabin

Lightweight Design, 5kg Payload

The wing span of Raefly VT290 is 2900mm. The larger wingspan provides the aircraft with greater lift. At the same time, the fuselage is made of light weight and high strength carbon fiber composite material, that makes the maximum payload up to 5kg


Carbon Fibre Composite


Max Paylaod

Pushback Motor Design High Efficiency and Good Vision

Pushback motor design with low KV large pitch propellers for higher motor efficiency without blocking the camera view

Fluid Design with Small Resistance&Long Endurance

The Raefly VT290 has a fluid design that incorporates aerodynamic design.The flight resistance is small, and the endurance range is up to 370km.

Press and Push to Change the Payload

Raefly VT290 adopts quick disassembly payload cabin, which can quickly replace the load, cope with different operation scenarios, and realize a machine with multiple application

Multifunctional Vertical Tail Design

The vertical tail of the Raefly VT290 is cleverly designed to prevent the tail propeller from touching the ground, and also serves as a tripod, and the internal space is reserved for installing the link antenna

Quick Disassembly Design Portable Storage

The fuselage adopts split design, which can be quickly installed without screwdriver. The aviation plug can be inserted for a long time without affecting its fasteness. The upgraded folding and storage design improves the operation efficiency and makes the transportation more portable

Quick Release Buckle

Aviation Plug

Foldable Rotor Arm

Horizontal Tail Hand Screw

High Strength Carbon Pipes

The connection of the wing is made of customized high-strength carbon pipes, which maintain a good wing condition under a 5kg payload.

High Quality Intelligent Components Safeguarding Flight Safety

GPS Rejiction Navigation
Autopilot supports inertial navigation, enabling intelligent navigation without GPS
Ice Melting Airspeed Meter
Automatic ice melting and drainage SKYE intelligent airspeed meter
DroneCAN ESC, real-time monitoring of electrical regulation temperature and other states

Dual Antenna Estimate Yaws
Fearless of Strong Magnetic Environments

The Raefly VT290 is equipped with a dual antenna heading module instead of a magnetic compass. Fearless of magnetic field interference caused by internal equipment and external environment, abandoning complex compass calibration procedures

Raefly VT290 Specification

Body material Carbon fiber+Kevlar composite material
Wingspan 2900mm
Maximum flight speed 35m/s
Economic cruising speed 20m/s
Stall speed 16m/s
Endurance No load: 5h | 5kg load: 3h
Maximum rang 370km
Maximum payload 5kg
Empty weight 13.5kg
Maximum takeoff weight 19kg
Wind resistance 6 级
Takeoff and landing mode Vertical takeoff and landing
Power energy Batter
Flight controller Standard CUAV flight controller (optional)
Positioning accuracy Single point positioning: 1.5m ;RTK: 1cm+1PPM
Communication distance Based on link data
DIY customization Flight controller, GNSS, remote controller, mission payload, body coating, waterproof design, remote ID, etc
Ground station QGoundcontrol/Missionplanner/LGC
Application Scenario Mapping, inspection, logistics, monitoring, public security, delivery, etc
Wing installation angle
Wing area 72dm²
Wing load 264g/dm²@19kg