for android
CUAV GS is an exclusive Android mobile phone ground station based on CUAVCloud system. It supports open source autopilot of APM and PX4 firmware, with real-time high-definition video transmission, team functions, photography, video recording, route planning, parameter settings and other functions.

Support PX4 Ardupilot autopilot

It supports two mainstream open source platforms, PX4 and Ardupilot, to meet different user needs.

Team function new

With the team function, you can operate the drones in the team, or view the real-time video and flight data of other drones in the team. Make teamwork easier.

Take Photo and video

CUAV GS supports photo and video recording functions, allowing your job videos and photos to be recorded in the LTE Link memory card

1080P real-time HD video
250ms low latency

Real-time high-definition video transmission on drones, ideally as low as 250ms delay, generally up to 300-400ms

Route planning

You can set multiple flight waypoints, and set the waypoint height and waypoint motion for each waypoint.

Security Settings

You can set your return altitude, maximum altitude, out-of-control protection, etc. to ensure flight safety.

All parameter settings

Support custom setting of various parameters of autopilot to meet your individual needs.