CUAVCloud 2.0

UAV data / video is unlimited to the real-time transmission cloud solution

CUAVCloud, solution based on Internet UAV remote communication and management. Use UAV to load CUAVCloud link series products, Connect 4G/5G network to transmit flight data and video data, use FeiGong Transmission destop app or CUAV GS Android app, multi-person cooperative remote control of aircraft, support multiple drones simultaneously operation, remote control and real-time data/video and video transmission. It is very suitable for the inspection tasks of power grids, construction sites, parks, ports and other places.

How CUAVCloud works

The link of the CUAV CLOUD is covered by 4G , through the LTE Link Series Product Communication on the Transmission Client / Cuav GS App, the LTE Link Series Product Communication is implemented. Realize multiple consecutive remote handling , unlimited distance real-time transmission of data / video images and other functions.

CUAVCloud Application Scenario

Thanks to the low delay of the CUAVCloud drone data and video, the user can control the drone in the command center to global monitoring, inspecting each scene. CUAVCloud is ideal for inspection tasks applied to grid, construction, park, port, etc., staff can control drones in real time according to actual conditions.

Real-time Remote Control

Realtime remote control of UAV, route planning, flight missions, etc. Users can control UAVs in the command center to conduct global monitoring and inspection of various scenes, and perform operations such as gimbal rotation and zoom as required.

Unlimited Distance Real-Time Transmission

CUAVCloud and link transmit flight data and video data through 4G/5G network, with ultra-low latency and real-time back transmission.

Team Work

Team members have the right to check the real-time flight situation of the plane in the team, transmit flight data, etc. The administrator can manage multiple devices and set different identity and authority allocation for the members to improve work efficiency.

Multiple drones

Multiple drones simultaneously, driving remote control and data / video image return

Data encryption

A session-based double-key encryption method is used to interact data over the cloud to achieve encrypted communication.

Custom service

It provides customized services and is deployed on users' private servers according to users' needs. It can record the flight data of UAVs and realize data privatization while ensuring compliance operations.

Video Cases

Play Video

Park Inspection

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River Inspection

Supported flight controller

CUAVCloud Version Classification

Public Cloud Private Cloud
Basic Edition Starter Edition Exclusive edition Custom Edition
Air Link - 2 5 CUstomize
LTE Link SE - 2 5 Customize
Real-time data Yes Yes Yes Yes
Real-time video Yes Yes Yes Yes
Equipment management Yes Yes Yes Yes
Remote control Yes Yes Yes Yes
Team number 1 2 5 Customize
Team members 2 4 8 Customize
Team devices 5 4 8 Customize
Join the team 1 2 5 Customize
APP Name/LOGO/Start interface customization No No No Yes
Edition Pricing
Price Free $4999
One year maintenance free
One year maintenance free
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*PS:1.One year maintenance fee is included in the package, and the subsequent maintenance fee is $600 per year. If no maintenance is required, no maintenance fee will be charged;
2.The CUAVCloud package does not include the server, traffic, domain name, and mailbox fees, and users need to choose by themselves;
3.The above solutions are for remote cloud deployment, providing online technical service guidance. If on-site guidance and demonstration are required, additional charges will be charged.

Recommended server configuration

Edition Number of CPU core RAM Minimum bandwidth(Mb/s)
Stater Edition 2 4 12
Exclusive edition 2 4 28

Private customization program delivery process

Software download

FeiGong Tansmission(for Windows)

CUAV GS(for Android)