FeiGong transmisson 2.0

for windows
CUAVCloud system’s windows client, which provides data stream forwarding function, allowing users to access the CUAVCloud system using QGC, Missionplanner and other ground stations that support the mavlink protocol. Support team functions, permission settings, real-time HD video transmission and other functions.

Team function new

Any account can create or join a team, so you can view the video of the team’s drone or operate the drone with permission in the team, allowing you to easily complete the drone task collaboration.

Authority assignment new

The administrator can assign control rights to different members of the device. Members with control rights can operate the aircraft. Ordinary members can obtain video and flight data of any drone in the team.

Data stream forwarding

Support forwarding the data and video on the drone to QGroundStation or MisssionPlanner and other ground stations supporting the mavlink protocol, allowing users to control the drone by CUAVCloud system.

1080P real-time HD video 250ms low latency

Real-time high-definition video transmission on drones, ideally as low as 250ms delay, generally up to 300-400ms

Support multiple video

Support multiple video real-time transmission, so you can control the overall situation of the job.

FeiGong transmission 2.0