Highway Inspection

Use drones to conduct automated inspections on various components of the power grid, finely inspect complex lines, reduce manual inspection risks, and improve inspection efficiency and accuracy.

UAV conducts highway inspection to quickly and easily collect road traffic data, which is convenient for the work of the command department. UAV monitoring has a wide range of efficiency, high-service road inspection through drone, can greatly improve the quality and efficiency of daily work.

Our Solution

01 Installation module

Install the LTE Link Series Module on the UAV

FeiGong Transmission


02 Link the CUAVCloud

Method 1: Log in to FeiGong Transmission (Windows), forward drones data and video to QGroundControl / MissonPlanner, etc. Support MAVLINK protocols, third-party ground stations

Method 2: Log in to CUAV GS (Android) and connect the drone

03 Remote route planning and performing tasks

Route planning and task execution at CUAV GS or third-party ground stations such as GroundControl/MissonPlanner

04 Real-time transmission screen and control drone

The real-time video is transmitted to the ground station of the command center. The command center can perform gimbal operations, task suspension, pointing flight, returning to home and other operations, so that the staff can monitor the scene in real time, quickly grasp the situation on the scene and dispatch personnel

Our advantage

Real-time view road situation

Real-time remote control drone, can make flight tasks; low-time delay data / video return, real-time video.

Team management

Team members (administrators, pilots) can log in with their own account to view team flight conditions, transfer flight data, etc., administrators can manage multiple devices and can assign members to members.

Unlimited distance

CUAVCloud performs data / video transmission through 4G networks, no limit to data / video transmission, can communicate with UAV communication in the case of operator network coverage

Improve efficiency

UAV work is efficient, convenient, assisting inspections faster understanding and dispatching staff

Use of Products

LTE LINK 4/5G Comunication series

Client of the CUAV CLOUD

XunWing X4 Copter or other drones

Video Case of CUAVCloud

Play Video

Park Patrol Application

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River inspection application