CUAV College Sponsorship

– Season one –
CUAV college Sponsorship is a sponsorship event set up to promote research related to drones, unmanned vehicles, unmanned ships, etc., or to participate in related competitions. It is hoped that through this activity, more outstanding talents will be exported to the open source drone industry in the future and promote the development of the industry.

Target applicant

University students, individuals or groups (research groups, competition groups, etc.) who conduct related research or competitions such as open source drones, unmanned vehicles, and unmanned ships.

Activity quota

5 project teams or participating teams.Each school only sponsors one team, first come first get.


The application deadline is December 31st, or the number of people who pass the review reaches the limit.

Sponsor way

V5+ or V5 nano for the autopilot + any GPS of ours . Of course, you can also apply for adding other items in the application form, as long as you give us a good reason.

How to apply

Applicants need to prepare the following materials and email to:, the subject format of the email is: “College Sponsorship” + name + school name + contact information,the apply form please back to top to download.
  1. A scanned copy of the signed + date + stamped application form
  2. Completed original document fileapplication form
  3. Your school ID card or Student card picture
  4. (Optional)Your project documentation, competition info and ect. Any thing you wanna show us.

What you need to do for us

CUAV Tech Inc.,Ltd is a young company. We need your help for our growth. We do some publicity and promotion activities for us. At the same time, we also take this opportunity to collect user feedback to help us do better.
  1. Provide us with your photos and video materials during this project, and grant the copyright to CUAV Tech Inc.,Ltd, allowing us to edit, use and publish.
  2. Arrange and take pictures of banners, badges, nameplates or stickers with our LOGO at the event site (materials are provided by us).
  3. Fill out a user  report after the event.
  4. To publish an article or a video on relevant forums and websites, the content needs to clearly mention the use of CUAV products and attach pictures containing our products. The products need to be displayed in specific application scenarios.

Review time

After we receive your email, the review will be completed within 6-12 workdays. For those who pass the review, our staff will get in touch with you. Please make sure to fill in the effective contact information. If we still cannot get in touch with the applicant after 15 days, you will be deemed to have waived the qualification for this event.


  1. This event and the “Nora experience plan × super user collection” event cannot be attended at the same time.
  2. The sponsored products need to be used in the project or competition mentioned in the application form.
  3. Please be sure to provide true and valid application materials. If there is any falsehood, we will recover the sponsored items and reserve the right to pursue legal liabilities.
  4. CUAV reserves the right of final interpretation of this activity.