— Season 4 —

College Sponsorship

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College Sponsorship

In order to promote the development of industry applications of open source unmanned systems such as UAV, UGV, and USV. CUAV has sponsored related university applied research and competitions since 2019, and officially approved the project as the first season of the activity in 2020, The fourth phase of activities has now been officially launched. We hope that through our modest efforts, we can export more outstanding talents for the open source unmanned system industry and promote the development of the industry. Looking forward to your joining!s

Sponsored Items

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Sponsor Target

College students

Application Requirements

Research or competition based on UAV, UGV, USV and other application areas related to unmanned systems, including but not limited to the following projects:

1. Application/competition of drones in emergency medical, disaster relief supplies
2. Drones, unmanned vehicles in delivery applications/competitions
3. Applications/competitions in flood disasters of unmanned boats
4. Drones in patrol applications/competitions
5. Drones in the application/competition of air quality monitoring
6. Research/competition on UAV ground reconnaissance and strike

Application Process​

  1. click here for application form
  2. Wait for results(about 2 weeks)

Notes On The Application Form

  1. For project research, you should clarify the purpose and significance of your project research, have clear application scenarios, and attach attachments such as your project plan;
  2. For competitions, it is necessary to express the participation plan completely and clearly
    Write down the steps of your project/competition and the time nodes of each phase;
  3. Provide photos or videos of  hands-on experiences with unmanned devices
    before awards, certificates, photos or videos of you and your team.

Event Notes

  1. Please be sure to provide true and valid application information, if there is any untruth, our company will recover the sponsored items, and reserve the right to pursue financial compensation;
  2. For approved applicants, we need to cooperate with us to record photos and video materials during the project or competition to complete the release of the final article/video;
  3. CUAV reserves the right of final interpretation of this activity.