C-RTK 2HP Dual Antenna RTK Module

Heading Nova


Dual Antenna Centimeter-Level Positioning And Heading Module


The C-RTK 2HP product is an All-constellation Multi-frequency High Precision Positioning & Heading Module. A new generation of high-performance GNSS SoC chip is used, and a single chip performs baseband and RTK solver functions. The RTK processing capacity is increased by more than 80%, and the positioning service of 50+ satellites in the RTK state and the recapture time within 1s are obtained. The continuity and reliability of positioning and orientation output in complex environments are effectively dealt with. The single module supports heading function, and supports inertial navigation function. Integrated STM32F4 processor, support DroneCAN protocol for flight controller communication, built-in RM3100 industrial grade electronic compass and IMU sensor, open source code can be freely developed custom functions.

All-Constellation Multi-frequency Receiver

RM3100 Industrial Grade Compass

Dual Antenna For Yaw

Centimeter Level Positioning

All-constellation Multi-frequency High-Precision Positioning

Built-in all-constellation multi-frequency satellite receiver, support GPS, Beidou, Glonass, Galieo four satellite systems, and support four satellite systems at the same time receive, positioning accuracy plane 0.8cm+1PPM/ elevation: 1.5cm+1PPM

Fast Positioning Without Waiting

Through the all-constellation multi-frequency GNSS signal and the advanced RTK algorithm, the convergence can be completed within 18s and the centimeter level positioning can be realized

Single Module Dual Antenna for Yaw

The C-RTK 2HP supports one module, dual antenna to realize unmanned system estimate yaw, replacing the magnetic compass to achieve a more stable flight and adapt to complex environments at a lower cost

Built-in Industrial Grade RM3100 Compass

The C-RTK 2HP has an industrial-grade RM3100 compass that can be installed away from interference and can be used as a reliable redundant backup source

C-RTK 2HP Specification

Processor STM32F4
Module type All-constellation Multi-frequency
Sensor Compass:RM3100 Grro/ACC:ICM42688
Channels 1408 channels
Antenna 1 (main) BDS:B1I、B2I、B3I,GPS:L1C/A、L2P/L2C、L5 GLONOSS:L1、L2,Galileo: E1、E5a、E5b QZSS:L1、L2、L5
Antenna 2 BDS:B1I、B2I、B3I,GPS:L1C/A、L2C GLONOSS:L1、L2,Galileo: E1、E5b QZSS:L1、L2
Position Accuracy Single point positioning: horizontal 1.5M/elevation: 2.5m DGPS (assisted positioning): horizontal 0.4M+1PPM/elevation: 0.8m+1PPM, RTK: Horizontal 0.8cm+1PPM/Elevation: 1.5cm+1PPM
Estimate yaw accuracy 0.2 degrees/1m (distance between antenna 1 and antenna 2)
Max star Single : 28 + RTK:50 +
Positioning speed Cold start <30s / Auxiliary start <5s
Data refresh rate 5Hz (default); Max 20Hz
Data format RTCM3.X
Data protocol DroneCAN/NMEA
Interface Antenna interface ×2 CAN×1 UART×1 DSU×1 USB×1
Operating Voltage 4.7~5.2V
Operating temperature -20~85℃
Size 50×37×17×mm
Weigh 40g