Product description

CAN PMU is a drone power management unit with a built-in STM32F4 processor and running the CUAV ITT algorithm. It can accurately measure the drone voltage and current in real time. It supports a maximum of 6-62V voltage and 110A current and can output 5.4V 5A. (Maximum instantaneous 8A / 120s, constant 5A) Powers the flight controller, uses CAN bus communication, supports standard UAV CAN protocol, and each PMU unit is factory calibrated to ensure good consistency and high accuracy.

Self-developed ITT algorithm to facilitate high-precision measurement

CAN PMU uses the self-developed ITT impedance temperature tracking algorithm to make up for measurement errors caused by impedance changes at different operating temperatures, enabling CAN PMU to maintain consistent high-precision voltage and current measurements at various operating temperatures.

Digital communication, safe and reliable

CAN PMU adopts standard UAVCAN digital communication protocol. All information is transmitted digitally to avoid error problems caused by traditional ADCs that are easily susceptible to attenuation and interference.

Accurate power consumption estimates

Internally through real-time sampling of more than 100HZ and real-time statistics of power consumption / instantaneous power consumption, pass accurate power consumption information to the flight controller to achieve a safer and controllable flight

Low EMI, 5A high current regulated output

Built-in voltage regulator uses LT8645S chip, supports 62V input, 5.4V / 5A * synchronous step-down voltage regulator, has ultra-low EMI and EMC, up to 95% conversion efficiency, meets the industry drone flight control peripherals, and power consumption Big application needs.

0.05V / 0.1A high-precision measurement


Good thermal performance

Thermal imaging tests at room temperature show that the 90A (24V) case temperature for only 3 hours of operation is only 78 degrees Celsius.
Basic parameters
Processor STM32F412 100Mhz 512K Flash 256K RAM
Voltage input 6-62V(2-15S)
Max current 110A
Voltage accuracy ±0.05V
Current accuracy ±0.1A
Resolution 0.01A/V
Max output power 6000W/90S
Max stable power 5000W
Power port output 5.4V/5A
Protocol UAVCAN
Operating temp -20℃ ~ +100℃
Firmware upgrade Support
Calibration No need
Interface Type
IN/OUT XT90(Cable end)/Amass 8.0(Module end)
Power 5025850670
Size 46.5mm×38.5mm×22.5mm
Weight 76g