CUAV LBA 3 UAV Communication Micro BaseStation

One Basestation Is Enough

LBA 3 UAV Communication Micro BaseStation

50km Coverage Area

30Mbps Bandwidth

Support Formation Flight

LGC ground stations supported

IP67 Waterproof Rating

50km Super-Large
Coverage Area

Developed with LTE communication technology, 50km communication coverage, meet the needs of long-distance communication

Large Bandwidth、Support Star Networking AES Encryption Protection

Realize the synchronous transmission of two-way data, improve the speed of data transmission while taking into account the stability, LBA 3 supports up to 30Mbps shared bandwidth, with faster access speed
16 nodes
Adopts IP network communication architecture, which supports a maximum of 16 nodes in a star network, with flexible configuration and easy management. Nodes can communicate with each other, and the minimum communication delay is less than 100ms
16 nodes
Using AES encryption algorithm, it has a good ability to resist differential cryptanalysis and linear cryptanalysis, ensuring communication security

Industrial Protection Design to Meet Outdoor Operations

The LBA 3 micro base station adopts a dustproof, waterproof and corrosion-resistant design, which can be placed outdoors for a long time without fear of wind and sun. It perfectly solves the problem of repeated installation in high-frequency and automated application scenarios, reduces repetitive work, and improves work efficiency
Waterproof aviation plug
Three-proof airtight design

Formation Flight

LBA 3 is equipped with CUAV flight controller, GPS/RTK and other hardware equipment and LGC ground station, which can easily realize the formation flight of UAVs. The multiple redundancy design of flight controller ensures the reliability of UAVs operations

LBA 3 Specification

Coverage Area 1.4 GHz 50km / 800MHz 50km
Anti-interference Dynamic frequency hopping, intelligent frequency hopping in the frequency band
Frequency band 1420-1448MHz / 806~826MHz
RF Power 5W Max
Communication bandwidth 30Mbps
Network node 16
Network type Point-to-point/one-to-multiple
Encryption AES256
Modulation Support QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM modulation
Delay slave node-central node transmission delay <=150ms
Operation interface WEB
Power IN BaseStation:Support 20V~60V input(Standard power consumption 24V 1.5A)/POE 90W Support Air Unit:Support 20V~60V input (Standard power consumption 24V 1A)
Operating Temperature -15~+65°
Weight Base Station:1.65kg Air Unit:155g
Interfaces Air Unit: SMA Antenna interface×2,XT30 Power connector×1,RJ45 data interface ×1,USB ×1,TTL serial port ×1
N female antenna interface ×2,SMA antenna interface ×2,XT30 power interface×1,POE Network Interface×1 ×1
Protection Leve Base Station IP67 Air Unit IP20