One Basestation Is Enough

LBA 3 Communication Micro BaseStation

30Mbps Bandwidth

LGC ground stations supported

IP67 Waterproof Rating

Industrial Protection Design to Meet Outdoor Operations

The LBA 3 micro base station adopts a dustproof, waterproof and corrosion-resistant design, which can be placed outdoors for a long time without fear of wind and sun. It perfectly solves the problem of repeated installation in high-frequency and automated application scenarios, reduces repetitive work, and improves work efficiency
Waterproof aviation plug
Three-proof airtight design

LBA 3 Specification

Anti-interference Dynamic frequency hopping, intelligent frequency hopping in the frequency band
Frequency band 1420-1448MHz / 806~826MHz
RF Power 5W Max
Communication bandwidth 30Mbps
Encryption AES256
Delay slave node-central node transmission delay <=150ms
Operation interface WEB
Power IN BaseStation:Support 20V~60V input(Standard power consumption 24V 1.5A)/POE 90W Support Air Unit:Support 20V~60V input (Standard power consumption 24V 1A)
Operating Temperature -15~+65°
Weight Base Station:1.65kg Air Unit:155g
Interfaces Air Unit: SMA Antenna interface×2,XT30 Power connector×1,RJ45 data interface ×1,USB ×1,TTL serial port ×1
N female antenna interface ×2,SMA antenna interface ×2,XT30 power interface×1,POE Network Interface×1 ×1
Protection Leve Base Station IP67 Air Unit IP20