P9 Radio

CUAV P9 telemetry features:

1–902-928MHz frequency band

2–276kbps Link Rate

3–40km Range.

4–Support 3S-12S Battary Input.

5–Dual-end Switchover design reduced costs

P9 Module

P9 Radio is an ultra-long data telemetry module of UAV. It adopts the communication frequency band of 902-928MHz. It has a transmission distance of 40km and a link rate of 276kbps.P9 Radio supports 3-12s wide voltage input. It supports opoint-to-multiple, and relay communication, meet communication requirements in multiple application scenarios.


Dual-end Switchover

P9 has built-in TTL and USB ports, and the air terminal and ground terminal can be switched at will. If there is damage, it can be paired with other modules to reduce the use cost.

3S-12S Battary Input

The wide voltage input of the 3S-12S battery supported by P9 covers the working voltage of most of the current UAVs. No additional BEC is required for voltage conversion.

Aviation Aluminum Shell

The aviation aluminum alloy shell has good thermal conductivity, light weight, high strength and corrosion resistance, and has good electromagnetic shielding efficiency. The design of heat dissipation grooves on the shell surface increases the heat dissipation efficiency.