C-RTK Base Station-High precision positioning system

C-RTK-BASE differential high-precision GPS base station system, built-in multi-star single-frequency RTK receiver module, P9 over-the-horizon data transmission module, WIFI communication module, high-capacity battery pack can work continuously for 12 hours, and run Linux system. A variety of working modes can be flexibly applied to the fields of drones, unmanned vehicles and so on.

Products description /C-RTK Base Sstation High precision positioning system

Running the LINUX system

CUAV RTK-BASE uses ARM chip architecture and runs LINUX system. Through reliable and flexible LINUX system, it can expand the application to meet the needs of users in different industries.

Built-in battery

Built-in 7000mAh 7.4V capacity battery and PMU battery management chip, relying on the internal battery for 12 hours of continuous operation, support 12V direct charging, and easily expand external solar charging, to achieve 7X24 hours of operation.

16G storage

Built-in 16G storage space, you can extend the original observation data of the base station RTK through post-expansion, and use it for post-difference calculation.

Integrated OLED display

C-RTK-BASE integrates an OLE D display that displays the current operating mode, battery status, RTK status, and associated drone status via the OLED display.

C-RTK Base base station working principle diagram

Built-in web server

Through the WIFI, you can access the RTK-BASE WEB management interface. Through the WEB management interface, you can view the RTK signal status and power information in real time, and configure the RTK operation mode, parameters and P9 data transmission, and also perform RTK-BASE. Upgrade the restore operation.

2 working modes - covering hundreds of application scenarios

RTK broadcast mode

RTK-BASE will receive the RTK raw data and transmit it to the drones in the same group through the built-in digital transmission. The drone receiving the data is not limited by the number. The built-in P9 digital transmission is the farthest. Up to 30KM, the built-in RTK module has a baseline length of up to 10KM.

Drone single point mode

The C-RTK Base Station encapsulates the received RTK raw data with mavlink and transmits the hotspot through WIFI. The user can directly communicate with the drone through the mobile phone or the computer ground station, and the drone can directly receive the RTK and mavlink interaction. data.
Cluster flight
Agricultural plant protection
Entertainment show

IP65 protection

IP65 protection makes the product more capable of working in harsh environments.

Specifications /C-RTK Base Sstation High precision positioning system

Technical parameter
Operating mode Point-to-point, point-to-multipoint (broadcast)
Support satellite GPS L1 C/A, GLONASS L1OF, BeiDou B1I
Configuration method WEB
RTK refresh rate Max 10HZ
RTK receiving channel 72-channel u-blox M8 engine (M8P + M8N)
positioning accuracy 3D FIX:2.5 m; RTK):0.025 m
Convergence time 2 RTK < 60 sec
Sensitivity Tracking & Nav –160 dBm Cold starts –148 dBm Hot starts –156 dBm Reacquisition –158 dBm
Support for flight control agreement Mavlink 2.0/1.0
Built-in storage 16GB
Working environment and physical parameters
Charging voltage 9~12v
Built-in battery capacity 7.4v 7000Mah
Battery working time 12小时
Working current 12V/1.5A MAX
Operating temperature -10°~ +60°
Size 60mm x 115
Shell material 6063 Aviation aluminum+ABS+PC
Antenna interface type SMA inner hole
Screen OLED 150*150 DPI
Charging interface Non-standard DC3.5*1.35
Extension port RJ45Network port×1
TTL Serial port×2
9 Antenna extension×1
WIFI Antenna extension×1

Products description /C-RTK Base Sstation High precision positioning system