NEO 3 GNSS UAV Navigation Modules

NEO 3 uses a hardware design similar to NEO V2, and upgrades the GNSS navigation module to the M9N module that supports the four mainstream satellite systems of Beidou, GPS, Galileo and Glonass. The positioning accuracy has been significantly improved. It is a high Cost-effective unmanned system positioning and navigation module. It integrates compass, barometer, flight controller status light, buzzer, and safety switch in one; it has the characteristics of high sensitivity and strong anti-interference.


Buzzer prompt

safety switch


MS5611 Barometer

RGB Status Light

CROCOMM custom four-star high gain antenna

Ublox M9N Satellite receiver

New generation satellite receiver Ublox M9N,The actual measurement can reach a maximum accuracy of 0.7m.

Simultaneous reception by the four satellite systems

Supports simultaneous reception of Beidou, Galileo, Glonas, and GPS four satellite systems

RM3100 industrial sensor

Using RM3100 industrial grade sensor, has better anti-interference performance

Triple filter design

NEO 3 Pro adopts SAW+LNA+SAW triple filter design, effectively avoiding the influence of remote control, data transmission, 4G signal on GPS positioning reception

NEO 3 Specifications

Processor -
Compass IST8310
RGB drive NC5623C
Buzzer Passive buzzer
Safety switch Physical button
GNSS Beidou、Galileo、 GLONASS、 GPS
Number of concurrent GNSS 4
Frequency band GPS:L1C/A
Horizontal accuracy 2.0M
Speed accuracy 0.05M/S
Nav. update rate 25Hz(Max)
Acquisition Cold start:24S
Hot start:2S
Aided start:2s
Number of satellites(MAX) 32+
Sensitivity Tracking and nav-167dBm
Cold start Hot star-148dBm
Reacquisition -160dBm
Protocol UART+IO+I2C
Port TYpe GHR-10V-S
Supported flight controller CUAV series,
Pixahwk series
Wave filtering SAW+LNA+SAW
Anti-Electromagnetic/radio frequency interference EMI+RFI
Upgrade firmware support
Support Flight control type Ardupilot/PX4*(PX4 is still working hard to adapt to the clock)
Input voltage 5V
Operating temperature -10~70℃
Size 60*60*16MM
Weight 33g
  • NEO 3  level accuracy when the SBAS enhancement system is turned on, the nominal accuracy is 1.5m (default); when the SBAS enhancement system is turned off, it is 2.0m
  • NEO 3 supports RTCM3.3 injection, but does not support RTCM output; it can achieve pseudorange differential (meter-level positioning) but does not support carrier phase differential (RTK), and it needs a base station that supports RTCM3.3 output.

Use Tutorial

Connect with V5+

Connect to [GPS&SAFETY] interface.

When you connect NEO 3 to autopilots of other brands (non-CUAV autopilots), the buzzer will not work. If you need to use it on autopilots of other brands, please select NEO 3 Pro.

Autopilot parameter settings​

Neo 3 is a plug-and-play module without parameter settings.