IP66 Waterproof

NEO 3x

GNSS Module

NEO 3x Introduction

NEO 3X build in M9N receiver with concurrent reception of 4 GNSS that can adapt to multiple harsh environments. Designed with IP66 standard, it is sealed against dust and rain. It has STM32F4 series processor, ICP2100 barometer, ublox M9N module and RM3100 industrial compass. It supports CAN bus communication based on DroneCAN protocol, and the farthest communication distance can reach 1.5m.

ublox M9N Receiver

Concurrent Reception of 4 GNSS

DroneCAN Protocol

RM3100 Compass

Triple Filter Design

IP66 Protection Design

ublox M9N GNSS Receiver

It uses a high-performance ublox M9N GNSS receiver with with concurrent reception of 4 GNSS, and the highest measured accuracy can reach 0.7m

Concurrent Reception of 4 GNSS

It supports the simultaneous reception of Beidou, Galileo, Glonass and GPS four-satellite systems, up to 32 stars

Built-in F4 Processor

NEO 3x uses an STM32F4 processor with a 100 MHz Cortex®-M4 core supporting floating-point arithmetic units to run the implementation system

IP66 Dustproof And Waterproof

The NEO 3x is designed with an IP66 dust and water resistant structure and plug, allowing your drone to fly in rainy weather and unlock more flight scenarios.

RM3100 Industrial Compass

Using RM3100 industrial grade compass, it has stronger anti-interference performance and can also be used as a backup sensor.

Triple Filter Design

NEO 3x adopts SAW+LNA+SAW triple filtering design to effectively avoid the impact of signals from remote controller, telemetry, and mobile networks on GPS positioning reception.
Before filtering
After filtering
Flight controller status ring light
GPS positioning indicator light
Safety switch & indicator light

Colorful multifunctional LED status light

The RGB LED status light with built-in I2C bus integrates GPS and flight controller status. The light emanates from the translucent material, making it easy to observe the status of the drone.

NEO 3x Specificaton

Processor STM32F412
Protocol DroneCAN
Compass RM3100
Barometer ICP-20100
GNSS Receiver ublox M9N
Frequency band GPS:L1C/A GLONASS:L10F Beidou:B1I Galileo:E1B/C
Concurrent GNSS 4
Positioning accuracy 1.5m( Max 0.7m)
Search star quantity 32+
Capture speed Cold start:24S Hot start:2S Aided start:2s
Nav refresh rate 5Hz
Sensitivity Tracking and nav -167dBm Cold start -148dBm Hot start -156dBm Reacquisition -160dBm
Protection level IP66
Operating Voltage 4.7~5.2V
Operating temperature -10~70℃
Search 67×67×21.2mm
Weight 46g(Cable exclude)